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About Me

carlyjcais_hiresheadshot_1024x670Thanks for visiting ReadyAimBlog!

My name is Carly J. Cais, and I’ve been a self-starting entrepreneur all my life.

I’m a blogger too. I founded my DIY and Fashion blog Chic Steals in January of 2008, and grew my audience from just 2 (my mom and my best friend) to a readership of over 10,000 subscribed readers all around the world. Focused on helping people achieve the look-for-less with savvy shopping and DIY, the site now receives around 1500 pageviews per day, and I’ve monetized it in a variety of ways. I’m a member of a number of ad networks, and through my blog have been able to work with amazing brands such as Martha Stewart Crafts, Tulip, Dollar Tree, L’Oreal, Lily of France, M&J Trimming, and Stayfree. Starting it on Blogger first and then eventually migrating (by myself!) to self-hosted WordPress in 2010, has given me expertise with both platforms. I also volunteer as a member of Portland Bloggers, a local organization with 400+ blogger members. I perform website administration, graphic design, and videography for them, as well as speak at events about blog design, optimization, and audience growth.

I’m an all-in-one designer, techie, and creative. Besides having a degree in Film/Video and a Certificate in Multimedia, I also have a background in Graphic Design. I’ve designed logos for brands, create motion graphics and animations, and produce and edit videos with my production company Uncommon Era. I’m self-taught when it comes to HTML, CSS, and PHP, but I’m pretty comfortable with all – and can tweak WordPress and Blogger themes, troubleshoot, and style elements effortlessly.

I’m a self-taught online marketing maven. I deal daily in social media klout, hashtag love, online campaigns, and audience growth and leverage. I am the Social Media Marketing Manager for the high-end photography and video studio Studio 3 (Portland/Seattle). I also perform website optimization and manage their newsletter.

I love cats yet have a dog named Pudding, have a terrible weakness for Vosges anything, and have somewhat of a photographic memory (but only can remember π to 17 digits). I’m a complete teetotaler and treat myself to 1 cup of coffee every 4 months or so (so if you ask me out for drinks/coffee, don’t be offended if I only drink water). If you don’t find me in front of my computer (since it’s practically chained to my leg) or vegging out in front of Netflix, I might be crafting up some jewelry from upcycled chains and raw stones, or out in the woods jogging or hiking. I live with my 9-year-old son and Pudding-the-unfortunately-not-a-cat, in the Portland, Oregon metro area.