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Welcome to ReadyAimBlog!

It’s finally time, and I’ve taken the plunge from long-time blogger, visual content creator and designer, and social media marketer, to blog consultant and all-around coach. I’m super-excited to launch ReadyAimBlog, my labor of love and a way for me to share everything I’ve learned throughout my 7-year blogging journey.

What is ReadyAimBlog?

ReadyAimBlog is a resource. It is a coach, and advisor, and your go-to guru every step of the way. This site provides Blog Consultations, where we define your goals, audience, and unify your brand, Blog Design Consultations, where I offer tweaks and fixes to beautify the face of your blog (plus back-end implementation of these fixes), and ReadyAimMedic technical help for issues that are impacting the functionality of your blog. Soon to come: ReadyAimStyle, with blog logos, blog social media icons, and branded blog elements for download. Soon ReadyAimBlog will also be offering E-Courses for the Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced blogger, as well as a weekly (free!) Blog with in-depth blogging articles and advice. Plus free downloads and tips and tricks for growing your audience, mastering social media, optimizing your website, and finding success as a blogger.

I hope these services can help fulfill the need that is out there – for blogs, both big and small alike – to get help, advice, and guidance in their own journeys. Thank you for visiting, and let’s get started!





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