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readyaimmedic_logo300pxWe can’t all be content creators and technical wizards – and blogging requires an enormous amount of time. You want to share your stories, ideas, photos, and creations – but your photos don’t show up the right size on your blog. Your header is cut off. Your RSS feed doesn’t work. And something happened where you changed the wrong thing…and now you’re confronted with the WHITE SCREEN OF DEATH where your blog should be. I get it – I’ve been there.

Through almost 7 years of blogging, first on Blogspot, then self-hosted Blogger, then (briefly) on, and now finally on self-hosted WordPress…I’ve seen it all. I’ve done it: been faced with challenges and technical difficulties that pop up out of nowhere, and had to figure out how to solve every single one of them with resourceful, grit, and a whole lotta Google. I’ve picked the brains of developers and people-way-more-technical-than-me, took classes in web design and development, and am constantly staying on top of new Web developments and best practices.

And now I can help YOU.

What do you need to fix on your Blogger or WordPress blog?*

Tweak display issues so images, content, containers, sidebars, and widgets all appear how they are supposed to
Fix functionality, like RSS feed, newsletter, and email that just doesn't work like it should
Style your CSS so text elements, colors, and spacing appear cohesive and on-brand

Install social media icons, headers, widgets, and 3rd-party functionality (like Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest widgets)
Get your blog back when you've altered the wrong thing and it's disappeared
Restore your blog, logins, or host email after you've experienced a hacking attempt


Get help now!

Contact me, I’ll check out your site and determine how I can help. No fix is too small! I’ll then send you a quote for the service. Service rates begin at $20 for a single, simple fix. I may need access to the back-end of your site to perform technical fixes. All quotes are customized on a person-by-person basis, and I can work with your budget to determine the best solution for you.

Reach Out Today to Reserve Your Spot!

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The Technical Issue/s You Are Experiencing

All technical help is performed on a first-come, first-served basis.

*Sorry, I’m afraid I do not deal with Any other blogging platform, please inquire above.

Thanks for the opportunity to help you fix whatever’s been getting in the way of enjoying blogging. 🙂